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Many divorcing people, especially those with children and property to divide, find that they benefit greatly from divorce mediation prior to filing their divorces. A divorce with terms come to with the help of a licensed, professional mediator is known as a Collaborative Divorce.

Using the services of a mediator allows you to go through what is often a painful process with an experienced, licensed, third party present to guide both of you.

How divorce mediation benefits you:

Through the mediation process, you’ll come to decisions regarding your children that work for both parents and, most importantly, for the children. Leaving it up to a judge in a divorce trial, as well-intentioned as she or he might be, never makes anyone happy because the decision is made by someone who knows little of you, your children, and your life. You’ll always come out ahead when you make those decisions with the guidance of a mediator. It’s the mediator’s job to delve into your life and to keep a neutral position and to figure out how to work things so that all parties come out a winner.

Answers To Common Questions About Divorce Mediation in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada.

If you have children and/or property and cannot agree on your own on how to divide the marital estate, you should seriously consider the services of a mediator before moving forward with your Nevada divorce or Nevada annulment.

In many cases, just an hour or two with a mediator can resolve all of your issues and save you literally thousands of dollars in attorney fees. The dedicated and experienced team at the 702 Divorce and Family Law Firm is ready to help and fight for you.

Is it mandatory to follow the advice of the attorney given during mediation?

No, it is not mandatory.  Neither party  is legally bound to the advice given to you during a mediation session preceding a divorce.

Must I be physically present with my spouse for the mediation session?

If you are not comfortable meeting in person with your spouse, the attorney can arrange for the mediation to take place in the form of a conference call.  The attorney will initiate the call.

Can I ask the attorney some questions alone before I decide whether or not to participate in mediation?

To maintain our neutral position and to be ethically able to represent both parties in a Joint Petition Divorce following your mediation, and to ethically conduct mediation, it is not possible for our attorneys to speak with either party without the other party present at any time before the mediation except for the purposes of setting up the logistics of the mediation session.

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