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Negotiating child support – payments made from one partner to the other to financially support children – can be contentious and difficult. Though both partners likely have their children’s best interests at heart, determining a fair and appropriate payment amount is not easy.

Having experienced legal support on your side can improve your chances of achieving your goals and finding a favorable solution to your child support dispute. Our Las Vegas child support attorneys will work hard to represent your goals and wishes during negotiations. If mediation is not enough, we are prepared to represent you in court. The 702 Divorce and Family Law Firm is here for you.

How Child Support Is Determined in Nevada

In Nevada, the parent ordered to pay child support must pay a certain percentage of his or her gross monthly income. The monthly minimum child support payment in our state is $100.

When determining child support payments, the judge will consider:

  • The number of children

  • Each parent’s financial situation

  • Each parent’s current income and future earning capacity

  • The children’s health and education needs

  • The age of the child or children

  • The children’s standard of living

Our Las Vegas child support attorneys are ready to hear your story and help you navigate these difficult negotiations. We keep your children’s best interests in mind every step of the way while protecting your rights and seeking a favorable resolution.

Answers To Common Questions About Child Support

In Clark County

In Nevada, a parent is entitled to child support if the child lives with that parent more than 60% of the time. A parent in Las Vegas is also entitled to child support if the parents share child custody and the other parent makes more money. There are several factors taken into consideration by the court when determining the amount of Child Support, including the number of children and gross monthly income of the parents. The dedicated and experienced team at the 702 Divorce and Family Law Firm are here to help you ensure the best possible outcome regarding child support orders in Las Vegas and surrounding communities.

Who is entitled to child support payments in Nevada?

Under NRS 125B, a parent with “primary physical custody” of a child has a right to child support payments. A parent has primary physical custody if the child lives with that parent at least 61% of the time. The other parent is known as a “non-custodial” parent. The non-custodial parent is the one who must usually pay child support. If each parent has the child at least 40% of the time the parents have “joint custody.” There is a special rule for child support in joint custody cases, as discussed below.

Can I get child support if we were not / are not married?

Child support has nothing to do with marriage. It is based solely on one’s status as a parent. Being a parent is not limited to married people. It is not even biology that determines whether you are a parent. Same-sex couples can be parents in Nevada. And in some cases, partners can agree to be parents. It is important to retain an experienced child support attorney in Nevada to help you navigate these issues.

How does a court determine child support?

Child support in Nevada varies depending on: How many children are receiving support, and The “non-custodial” parent’s gross monthly income.“ Gross monthly income” means the parent’s pre-tax income from all sources, including: Salary, Tips, Commissions, Bonuses, Royalties, Investment income, Rental income, Interest, and Alimony from a prior marriage. If the parent is self-employed, he or she can deduct legitimate business expenses from the calculation of gross income.

When can a court award extra child support?

The court can increase the amount of child support a parent owes. It can do this if the parent with custody needs more for: Health insurance; Child care; Special educational needs; Special services that the parent with custody contributes; The costs of transporting the child to the other parent for visitation rights; Public assistance paid to support the child; or Any other necessary expenses for the benefit of the child. But both parents are equally responsible for health care expenses not reimbursed from another source. The exception is if there are extraordinary circumstances.

When can a court award less child support?

The court may order less child support than the statute calls for based on :A parent’s legal responsibility for the support of others; The amount of time the child spends with each parent; and/or The relative income of both parents.

What happens when parents have "Joint Custody" in Nevada?

Sometimes parents share joint custody of their children. Joint custody exists when each parent has physical custody of a child at least 40% of the time. When there is joint custody each parent must support the children. In the interest of fairness, the parent making more money must pay support to the parent making less. Nevada courts calculate this difference using a formula called the Wright v. Osburn offset. The calculation is straightforward. Simply take the amount each parent would owe if they did not have custody. Then subtract the smaller amount from the larger one. The parent who earns more must pay this difference to the one who earns less.

How can a Las Vegas Family Attorney Help Me?

Once a court enters a child support order, it can be costly and difficult to change it. If you are the parent receiving support, a lawyer can help ensure you receive the maximum your child deserves. And if you are the one paying support, a lawyer can make sure you don’t pay more than you are legally required or willing to. An experienced Las Vegas child support lawyer can also help you: Obtain custody of your children or modify a child custody order, Enforce your visitation rights ,Get reimbursement for your child’s unpaid medical bills, or Enforce a court order for unpaid child support. Contact our team today for a free child support consultation and let us fight for your family and rights!

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