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Growing your family through adoption in Las Vegas and surrounding Southern Nevada Communities can be an extremely difficult, albeit rewarding experience. Adoption is a complex legal process requiring extensive paperwork making this an often nerve-wrecking and time-consuming process. There are several different types of adoptions that you can pursue; from Grandparent adoption and Kinship Adoption, to out of state and even international adoptions. Fortunately, The 702 Divorce and Family Law Firm is here to help you through it all.

With over 80 combined years of experience in practicing adoption and family law here in Clark County and abroad, our team of dedicated Las Vegas Family Attorneys can provide you with the advice and assistance you need to complete this overwhelming process, so you can focus on the family matters that matter most; creating a happy and safe home for your new addition.

The Adoption Process In Las Vegas and Southern Nevada

The adoption process is a very complex, multi-step process, and is best handled with legal assistance from a seasoned adoption attorney . There are several barriers that you must overcome throughout the adoption process that require a skilled legal partner to navigate successfully.

For example, if you wanted to adopt a grandchild who was over the age of 12, the child would have the opportunity to state whether they agree with the adoption or not. If they do not agree, then your judge most likely will not finalize the adoption.

We can help you identify potential pitfalls and prepare for them ahead of time so that you don’t waste your time and money pursuing an adoption that you will be unable to obtain.

Understanding the Most Common Types of Adoption In Nevada

There are several types of adoption, and every case has its own unique set of circumstances and challenges. Regardless of what type of adoption you are facing, our dedicated team of Las Vegas Family Law Attorneys are ready to help you along the way.

Foster Care Adoption

Adopting from a foster care home is one of the most common ways for parents to adopt a child. In a foster care adoption, the prospective parents work with an adoption agency licensed by the state of Nevada to adopt a child from foster care.Foster home adoption is often the least expensive way to adopt a child. Children in foster homes can vary in age, and it may be worth noting that some children in foster care situations have experienced trauma parents should prepare for and understand how to handle prior to proceeding with the adoption process

Private Adoption

In private adoptions, prospective parents either work directly with an adoptee's parents or with an independent agency that connects biological parents with prospective adoptive parents. Private adoptions are often more expensive than adopting from a foster care home, but it may be easier for parents to adopt an infant or a child who they can have full records for. It's also a good option for adoptive parents who want to maintain a connection with their child's biological parents.

Out-of-State Adoption

Families often adopt children from other states, and children can find permanent families living in other states. The basic adoption process for adoptions involving multiple states is similar to the process for adoptions within the same state. All prospective adoptive parents must obtain a home study (or family profile) and follow their state’s adoption laws. In addition, in an interstate adoption, prospective adoptive parents need also to comply with the laws of the sending state (the state where the child lives).

International Adoption

In international adoptions, prospective adoptive parents work with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to adopt a child from another country. This is often the most expensive kind of adoption.

Relative Adoption

In a relative adoption, a child's relative - often a grandparent - adopts them from their biological parents. In most relative adoption cases, the child's biological parents have to voluntarily terminate their parental rights for the adoption to move forward. However, if the parents are engaged in a dependency case and fail to prove their fitness as caretakers, a court may terminate their parental rights and allow the relative adoption to move forward with the parent's consent.

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Incredibly happy with what they have been able to accomplish for me so far. Damian Sheets is extremely knowledgeable and aggressive when needed in the court room. Especially when it comes to shutting down false allegations and claims made against you. They were able to reassure me and give me a sense of ease knowing my case was in such good hands. Especially considering how incredibly busy his schedule was, but still made me feel like a priority. His paralegal Stace, is extremely nice and helpful as well. Definitely a firm I would recommend.


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Extremely satisfied with the service my son and I received from this law firm as well as their paralegals. Matthew in particular was extremely helpful and was so accommodating of my requests and even went above and beyond - offering to check his email up to 10 pm(!!!) to allow my son to turn in some documents needed for their attorneys to present on my son’s behalf in court that following morning! He also always promptly responded to my emails and I sent quite a few. Damian was also very supportive and helpful from the very beginning - he even called me on a Saturday when I sent him an email add asking to be called. This law firm really cares about their clients!!! I would highly recommend them to anyone needing legal assistance.


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